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Hot Water Morayfield… Repairs, Service, Installation


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Hot Water Service Morayfield – Looking for experienced repair agents for all the top brands? We can fix all DUX, VULCAN, EVERHOT, AQUAMAX, SAXON and RHEEM hot water systems fast and with ease.

If you have a LEAKING or COLD Electric Hot Water System, call our technical experts on 1300 363 959. From BRISBANE NORTHSIDE to CABOOLTURE to BRIBIE ISLAND we’ve got you covered!

We Also Provide Quality Hot Water Systems

Installed by Local, Licensed, Professional Technicians

Prices Include GST, Delivery & Installation


Backed by extensive warranties and after sales service teams


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30 Years In The Industry



Electric Vitreous Enamel

Our mains pressure, Electric water heaters offer flexible hot water delivery, available in sizes to suit most applications. Energy efficient and recently redesigned to be a better fit for replacements, AquaMAX Vitreous Enamel water heaters offer a large range of sizes from 50L to 400L models. A steel cylinder, coated with high quality vitreous enamel and protected by a steel casing with rounded edges, each unit is backed by a 10 Year cylinder warranty.


  • 50L to 400L models
  • Dual inlets & outlets
  • 10 Year cylinder warranty
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Suitable for most water types including hard water areas


50 Litre System$1195
80 Litre System$1,360
125 Litre System$1,450
160 Litre System$1,550
250 Litre System$1,599
315 Litre System$1,699
400 Litre System$2,250


50 Litre System$1,320
80 Litre System$1,475
125 Litre System$1,510
160 Litre System$1,630
250 Litre System$1,765
315 Litre System$1,860
400 Litre System$2,255


Electric Stainless Steel

Experience the superior performance of Stainless Steel in the new AquaMAX Stainless Steel Electric Water Heater range. Stainless steel cylinders resist corrosion for longer than conventional vitreous enamel in good quality water conditions and do not require a sacrificial anode, resulting in a lighter product, easier to transport and install and reduced maintenance costs over the life of the water heater.


  • 10 Year cylinder warranty
  • Energy Efficient - up to 27% better than minimum energy performance standards (MEPS)
  • No Anode
  • Up to 50% lighter


50 Litre System$1,025
80 Litre System$1,510
125 Litre System$1,495
160 Litre System$1,595
250 Litre System$1,780
315 Litre System$1,990

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*Conditions apply. Prices are for straight changeover where all compliance regulations are in place. Some installations will need alterations to comply with current regulations. Such as –Tempering valve -Expansion control valve –insulation to copper pipes –corrosion base- drain line to grey water waste or storm water- brass fittings and additional pipe work. 

Hot Water Repair Specialists Morayfeild

Hot water morayfeildNorthside Budget Hot Water is only a call away if you have any issues with your hot water system in Morayfeild. With over 30 years of experience with Rheem, Everhot, Dux, Vulcan, Saxon, and AquaMAX systems, our team of local experts will be able to find the perfect fix for the best price. From leaks and overflows to cold or boiling systems, we are no stranger to any issue, and we won’t rest until we find a solution for you. Call us today!

Northside Budget Hot Water always has your back if you need help with your hot water system. No matter if it leaks, boils, overflows or goes cold, one of our local, licenced professionals will always be ready to repair your system to be good as new again. We are no stranger to any system. From Rheem, Everhot, Dux, Vulcan, Saxon, and AquaMAX, we have over 30 years of experience with repairing them all. We won’t rest until your system is up and running properly. 


Cold Hot Water Systems MorayfeildHot water system repairs and sales Morayfeild

Hot water running cold? No problem. Our expert staff are familiar with the common – and uncommon – causes for cold hot water. Faulty systems, worn parts, and failing circuits are never an issue! We’ll find a solution for you and get your hot water working to optimal levels again.

Hot water systems are just that – hot. They should not be cold or lukewarm. Our staff will be able to get any hot water system back to optimal temperatures again. From faulty systems to worn parts, we’ll get you the best solution for the best price.


Overflowing Hot Water Systems MorayfeildLeaking hot water systems in Morayfeild

More water on the floor than in the plumbing? We can help. There are a number of issues that could cause this, and our experts are trained to find every single one. Usually a main cause of damage to the system, getting it fixed as fast as possible will ensure a longer and healthier life for your system.

Systems suffering from overflow can be always a nightmare to use. Our experts can inspect and fix overflow issues before permanent damage can be done to your system, meaning better hot water for you and your family.


Leaking Hot Water Systems MorayfeildOverflowing hot water system Morayfeild

Leaks and drips will often be leading up to something larger if left alone. If you notice your system starting to develop a drip or a leak, our trained staff will be able to stop it from getting any worse and developing any other leaks or drips later in its life.

“What’s a little leak? We can ignore it for now.” This couldn’t be further from the truth – leaks and drips can be a bad sign of bigger things to come and can mean lasting damage if left alone. Our staff will be able to find any leak and stop drips in its tracks before anything can get worse.


Boiling Hot Water Systems Morayfeild

Scalding and boiling water is not only unexpected but rather dangerous. Your safety is at the top of our minds if you are having issues with overheated water, and will strive to get your system’s temperature regulated and optimized as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hot water is wonderful. Burning water is a different story. If your water is getting too hot, our experts will be able to optimize your system’s temperature to ensure a perfect temperature every time you turn a tap.